Numerical study of acoustic radiation dynamics of a Rankine vortex

The paper investigates the problem of sound radiation by a perturbed Rankine vortex, which is important for understanding the nature of vortex flows and acoustic radiation generated by them. This problem is difficult to simulate numerically due to the sharp boundary between the vortex and potential flows.

We consider quadrupole and higher mode radiation as well as the dynamics of tonal acoustic radiation generated by a perturbed vortex with a gradual transition to lower harmonics. In addition, we consider the transition of a stationary Rankine vortex to a perturbed state under small external perturbation.

The mathematical description of the problem is based on Euler equations. Numerical simulation is performed on unstructured grids using a high accuracy EBR (Edge Based Reconstruction) scheme.

Thus, our paper aims to study the generation of acoustic radiation by a perturbed Rankine vortex. In addition, we verify the possibility of correct numerical simulation for complex fundamental vortex dynamics problems. In particular, the applicability of high accuracy numerical algorithms on unstructured grids to simulate such problems.

Olga Doronina
Olga Doronina
Postdoctoral Researcher

Working on data-driven turbulence modeling using an Approximate Bayesian Computation (ABC) approach.